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Because of the availability of powerful computational techniques, new modality techniques such as Computer-Aided Tomography (CAT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and others, and because of the new techniques of imaging processing (machine vision), the lives of many patients will be saved, and the quality of all our lives improved. This marriage of powerful computer technology and medical imaging has spawned a new and growing generation of young dynamic doctors who hold PhDs in physics and/or computer science, along with their MDs. In addition, technologists and computer scientists, with their superb skills, are also deeply involved in this area of major significance.

This volume covers the subject of medical imaging systems — methods in general anatomy, by leading contributors on the international scene. This is one of the 5 volumes on medical imaging systems technology, and together they collectively constitute an MRW (Major Reference Work). An MRW is a comprehensive treatment of a subject requiring multiple authors and a number of distinctly-titled and well-integrated volumes. Each volume treats a specific subject area of fundamental importance in medical imaging.

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